Green Living 17.02.22

Mother's Day Gifting: Why Plants are the Best Gift

It’s always been tradition to give plants and flowers on Mother’s Day due to their symbolism of purity and beauty. Now that Spring is upon us and Mother’s Day is fast-approaching, here are some reasons why you should give some leafy love to your mum and some of our team’s favourite plants.
Mother's Day Gifting | Indoor plants delivery by Leaf Envy

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Mother's Day Gifting  Indoor plants delivery by Leaf Envy
Mother's Day Gifting  Indoor plants delivery by Leaf Envy


Long-lasting Love

Plants flourish and continue to grow long after they are given and watching them grow is a fulfilling gift. They also last significantly longer than a bunch of flowers and are a more earth-friendly alternative. The ever-changing nature of plants makes them a dynamic addition to the home and air-purifying plants cleanse the air so they provide more than just aesthetic value!


On Trend Gifting

Their movement as they grow adds a sense of life and excitement to any home or space. With Biophilic design being a rising trend, there has never been a better time to gift a plant and spread some leafy love. Plants have many benefits to offer which makes them the best gift for Mother’s Day.


A Unique Gift

There are so many rare and unusual plants available with unique qualities to please the mother figure in your life. Gifting a rare plant will make the perfect present.

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